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Before the Covid-19 pandemic ravaged nursing homes in the greater New York area and around the country, the greatest risk to nursing home patients was neglect and abuse. Given that people will likely require long-term care in nursing homes and assisted living facilities going forward, elders may continue to be at risk of abuse and neglect in the new normal.

If you believe your loved one has been the victim of nursing home negligence, turn to Bornstein & Emanuel, P.C. We are highly experienced in handling claims against negligent nursing homes, hospitals, and home care agencies on behalf of elderly individuals who have been seriously injured as a result of neglect or abuse. 

We believe that nursing home patients have a right to be provided with quality care and treated with dignity and respect. Our legal team has a proven history of holding nursing homes accountable for neglect and abuse and protecting the rights of injury victims and their families. 

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Types Of Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect

Nursing home neglect typically occurs when patients are not properly supervised by inexperienced or poorly trained staff, which may result in:

  • Falls- The common causes of nursing home falls include wet and slippery floors, beds that are too high, and poorly fitted wheelchairs — any of which may result in broken bones, head and brain injuries, or other bodily harm. However, a nursing home is required to establish a care plan to determine how much assistance a patient will need to move around the facility safely. There must also be properly trained personnel on hand to help patients walk and prevent falls. 
  • Pressure ulcers- Bedridden patients who are not regularly turned, kept clean and dry, or provided with proper hydration and nourishment are at risk of developing pressure sores or bed sores, which can be extremely painful and result in life-threatening complications. 
  • Wandering/elopement- Nursing home patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease require special care and supervision so that they do not wander away from the facility. This is often referred to as “elopement” and may result in serious or fatal injuries. 
  • Malnutrition and dehydration- Nursing home neglect may also involve residents not being properly hydrated and nourished; malnutrition and dehydration can cause undue pain and suffering and death. 
  • Bed Sores- They occur as the result of a failure of the nursing home staff to properly turn the patients so they are not constantly lying on their backs. Bedsores usually develop in the area of the lower spine.
  • Medication Errors- Nursing home patients receiving the wrong prescription or wrong dosage of medication

Why Are Nursing Home Patients Neglected in Nassau & Queens?

Nursing homes are typically run by corporations that focus on the bottom line and look to cut costs by not hiring adequate staff or hiring untrained workers, which puts patients at risk of being poorly supervised. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect often goes undetected until a serious injury or even a death occurs.

Moreover, nursing home patients who are mentally impaired may not be able to communicate about being neglected or abused, while some elderly individuals may be too weak, too ill, or too afraid of retaliation by their caregivers to seek help. This makes it crucial for family members to be vigilant and ensure that their loved one is being properly supervised and receiving proper medical treatment. 

What is Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home patients are at risk of both physical and emotional abuse. Physical abuse may involve:

  • Assault 
  • Battery
  • Sexual assault
  • Unreasonable or authorized use of physical or chemical constraints
  • Prolonged deprivation of food and water 

On the other hand, patients can be emotionally or verbally abused, or be intentionally ignored or isolated, which can cause pain and suffering. While evidence of physical abuse includes bruises, scrapes, or other bodily injuries, emotional abuse often goes undetected. However, a victim of emotional abuse by a caregiver may experience behavioral or personality changes. 

How Bornstein & Emanuel, P.C. Can Help Nassau County & Queens Residents

Our attorneys know how to fight back against nursing homes that attempt to deny liability for elder abuse and neglect. While some facilities rely on arbitration clauses in admissions contracts to resolve disputes, including claims of negligence, nursing homes that receive federal reimbursements through the Medicaid program are barred from requiring mandatory arbitration as a condition of admission.

Moreover, nursing home corporations rely on powerful teams of attorneys which gives them an unfair advantage over injured patients and their families. Our legal team has the skills and experience to level the playing field and can help you obtain significant compensation for the harm your loved one has endured. 

If you have lost a family member due to nursing home neglect or abuse, our wrongful death attorneys can help you file a lawsuit to recover damages for final medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, and other losses. 

Above all, our legal team is committed to protecting the most vulnerable members of our society, holding the responsible parties accountable for elder abuse and neglect, and preventing future harm to nursing home patients. Trust us to provide you with the powerful representation you need and the caring, personal service you deserve. 

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